February 2007
Volume 1, Issue 2

Flame retardant legislation based on science, thorough study

Teenager discovers new method to remove metals from drinking water

Health Focus: Eating Organic Foods

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Toxins In the News
Flame retardant legislation based on science, thorough study
The Legislature is considering a bill to phase out a chemical flame retardant known as polybrominated diphenyl ethers. This family of chemicals is toxic, especially for kids, and it's everywhere. It's in a wide variety of products in our homes and offices, including furniture, TVs and computers. (View Full Article)
Teenager discovers new method to remove metals from drinking water
A teenager heads off to Taipei to show how sphagnum moss can be used to filter metals from drinking water, an advancement that could save lives. (View Full Article)
Health Focus: Eating Organic Foods

To some, organic foods may just seem to be too expensive and unnecessary, but these foods can provide an increased level of important minerals, reduce the consumption of harmful toxins, and provide an overall healthier lifestyle.

Benefits to Farmers
Organic farms produce less waste, use less energy and do not release synthetic pesticides into the environment.
Benefits to Consumers
Eating organic foods not only reduces the level of harmful pesticide exposure, but studies have shown that organic foods contain increased levels of certain helpful nutrients and minerals.
Nutrients that are found in higher levels in organic foods:
Builds muscle, prevents and treats diabetes, promotes weight loss.
Helps prevent prostate cancer and protects body from damage caused by environmental chemicals. Selenium also helps improve liver function and vision.
Builds healthy and strong bones and promotes healthy muscle function.

Helps prevent osteoporosis and enhances maintenance of healthy cell membranes.

Reduces mortality risk from heart attacks and eases the symptoms of PMS. Magnesium also helps promote healthy cardiovascular function and reduces risk of migraine headaches.

To learn more about organic foods, visit the Organic Consumers Association.
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