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What brought a biochemist and a medical practitioner together to write a book designed to empower its readers with up to date knowledge regarding the toxic world we live in? Since meeting nearly ten years ago, Rik Deitsch and Dr. Stewart Lonky have each been fascinated with the knowledge and experience of the other in their respective areas of expertise. Deitsch, a biochemist with two decades of experience in ethical drug design had hands-on experience in manipulating molecules that could be used to treat various diseases, and Lonky, a practicing physician with half his practice dedicated to caring for patients with diseases caused by various environmental and occupational exposures, often found themselves in spirited discussion and debate concerning the state of health of a population being bombarded with toxins they didn’t even know were present, and whether anything could be done about it. The many years of this dialogue only piqued the interest of these two scientists to learn even more about the answers to these questions, and then to share this information with their friends and colleagues.

After numerous presentations of this information, and joint lectures, they realized two important facts. First, while the information was a little frightening to the audiences they addressed, there was always rapt attention and an acknowledgement of gratitude from their listeners for having made them aware of the dangers posed by toxic pollutants and the steps that could be taken to lessen their risk of illness. Second, everyone wanted to know where they could read more. When the answer was that there was no single source for the general audience, the inevitable response was “you guys should write a book”.

Deitsch and Lonky are convinced that only when the population is enlightened regarding the potential and real effects of the toxins they are exposed to every day, these “invisible killers”, will there be a rapid movement toward a resolution to the problem. They each see their role as teacher and provocateur, and it was with these two roles in mind that they eagerly undertook the Invisible Killers project. The teaching part comes from sharing the information regarding the effects of the toxins and the approaches to detoxification. Just as important, these two authors desire to see a groundswell of support for tighter controls on polluting emissions, closer surveillance of the effects of the thousands of new chemicals introduced into our lives each year, and the development of safe and effective means for detoxification. They hope that you will share their enthusiasm.